Graphic designer based in London. Skills in editorial design, typography, branding, print design, zine production, digital design, video editing & social media. Companies I’ve worked with include Peckham Levels, Mixmag, The Digital Fairy, Foundation.FM, Worldwide FM, Young Artists, XL Recordings, New Bohemia Music, The Fitting Room and more.

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A digital campaign proposal for Rokit Vintage embracing Gorpcore & Wellbeing trends. Gorpcore, a rising fashion movement, blurs the lines between outdoor utility wear and vintage,  a trend that perfectly resonates with Rokit Vintage’s timeless appeal.

Inspired by these trends, I crafted a campaign that not only reflects Rokit Vintage’s iconic 60’s aesthetic but also draws inspiration from the authentic visual language found on platforms like Depop, where independent sellers showcase vintage pieces in a relatable and unfiltered way.
  • Pitch
  • Campaign Design Concept
  • (2020)

My campaign was born out of a post-lockdown world, where people were eager to explore the outdoors and express their individuality through fashion. It’s about combining style with functionality, embracing the spirit of adventure, and reconnecting with nature.