Graphic designer based in London. Skills in editorial design, typography, branding, print design, zine production, digital design, video editing & social media. Companies I’ve worked with include Peckham Levels, Mixmag, The Digital Fairy, Foundation.FM, Worldwide FM, Young Artists, XL Recordings, New Bohemia Music, The Fitting Room and more.

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In the spring of 2023, I developed & designed BORN N BREAD’s social media strategy for GALA festival. Each year, BORN N BREAD put on a competition to join their stage at GALA festival. They wanted a 4 week plan in the lead up; including throwback reels, competition branding & assets, teasers, interactive social posts etc. 

The social media plan aimed to look back at the previous year’s competition and GALA Festival experience but also to get BORN N BREAD’s audience excited about the upcoming festival & creating sharable / interactive assets that encouraged new/upcoming DJ’s to enter their competition.
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I took inspirated from lo-fi greenscreen frames, throwback collages and stretched typography. I wanted to embody South London, creativity, community and fun.