Ultimate Puzzle Zine
Artwork Commission

CM-DP’s Ultimate Puzzle Zine 2020 Lockdown Edition, created during the first lockdown of 2020 by 40 different artists, this zine contains 50 pages of puzzles, crosswords, mazes, word search, colouring, find the 7 differences and more! I created 3 puzzles for the zine all inspired by conspiracy theories which came up this year. 

Grab your copy here. 

Corona Conspiracies Crossword
Crossword created using different conspiracies that were floating around at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Bitcoin Cooking Mama, Colour the Number
Rather than being the cute cooking game you’d expect, Cooking Mama Cookstar is an oddity that has been accused of being a bitcoin miner. These accussations appear to have surfaced after the game was reportedly removed from the Nindendo eShop mere hours after being listed.

Pigeons Aren’t Real, Fill-The-Gaps
A fill-the-gap puzzle created based on the ‘Pigeons Are Drones’ conspiracy theory. ‘Pigeons are working as biotech spies for the governemnt. Loaded with surveillance technology, the pigeons spy on the public, collecting your private data. Label the diagram below to find out the truth about pigeons’.