Brand refresh for AMIGAS LIVE

The AMIGAS Live collective was founded by Laura Davidson, a promoter and live-event booker with nearly 20 years experience working in the music industry. Based between London and Barcelona, it is our mission to create the next generation of festival headliners and reinvigorate the live industry. 

AMIGAS is an inclusive, female-run business that aims to unite and collaborate with women from across the music and events industries. They strongly believe that sustainability, inclusivity and innovation should be considered in everything that they do.


My client requested a brand refresh which featured the use of gradients, as well as a flexible seasonal colour palette which can be used across the year. I created a brand refresh with these requirements with event listing & flyer templates for their social media.

Graphic designer based in London. Specialising in editorial design, typography, print design, zine production, digital design, video editing & social media. Companies I’ve worked with include Peckham Levels, The Leanne Pero Foundation, Mixmag, The Digital Fairy, Foundation.FM, Worldwide FM, Young Artists, XL Recordings, Mr. Scruff and more.

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