Graphic designer based in London. Skills in editorial design, typography, branding, print design, zine production, digital design, video editing & social media. Companies I’ve worked with include Peckham Levels, Mixmag, The Digital Fairy, Foundation.FM, Worldwide FM, Young Artists, XL Recordings, New Bohemia Music, The Fitting Room and more.

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The Deptford Heritage Museum is Black-led community museum without walls, initated in response to a proposed luxury real estate development on the site of the former Deptford Docks, from which the ships that served British empire’s projects of colonialism and enslavement departed. Diasporic communities living with the inherited legacies of the Docks built the museum by inviting contributions from women’s organisations, refugee and health groups, a food bank and others for objects and stories that link histories of colonisation, enslavement and resistance to their lived realities.

The project is in collaboration with staff, students and alumni from Goldsmiths University’s Department of Visual Cultures, with funding from the Mayor of London’s Untold Stories initiative. It;s aim is to involve communities in speculative thinking about how to mark manifestations of their ongoing struggles in the local public realm.

  • Freelance
  • Branding / Web Design  
  • (2023 - present)

The brief was to build the museum/project’s visual identity, working closely with the museum team members to work out what was important to them. We pin-pointed an importance in creating a language that was sophisticated, professional, accessible with an emphasis on People; reflecting the museum’s multicultural dynamic and focus on “past, present, future”. I took inspiration from design in historical social movement’s and archives, but also included nodes to the museums use of QR technology.

The fully developed website & physical QR trail will by live by Spring 2024; providing users acces to archives, walks, & stories created by the museum.



I started a publication in 2017 about women interested in music production and DJing, which overtime developed into a project faciliating a wider conversation about community in dance music.

During 4 years, I release 4 issues: 
#1 The OG (2017)
#2 Do It Yourself (2018)
#3 Real Talk (2019)
#4 These Four Walls (2020)
  • Self-Initiated Project
  • Editorial Design / Print & Zine Production/ Art Direction
  • (2017 - 2021)

I juggled many roles whilst running Pink Noise including; content curation, editing, social media management, design, print production (digital & risograph), project managing, accounting and more. This project also gave me the opportunity to collaborate with core people within the industry including the artist’s that were featured, designers such as Tommy Brentnall & CM-DP, as well as my co-editors Rihana Osman & Anastasia Glover. 

This project has been featured in It’s Nice That, Mixmag, I-D, Red Bull and Elle.

ISSUE #4: These Four Walls (2020)

Issue 4’s theme came at a weird time. We started the curation of ‘These Four Walls’ back in October 2019, calling out for submissions around the theme ‘Spaces’, however, in light of the pandemic we had to have a think about how this affected our plans and theme.

We felt like the conversations about Spaces were ever-changing but still very relevant to what was going on around us, seeing the shift to digital spaces, reflecting on how we left our physical spaces and the improvements that can be made. A time of reflection to seek truly safe spaces before the world and those spaces re-opened. The pieces were edited and changed throughout the pandemic to reflect the new conversations that were being had and developements being made.  

Printed with Pagemasters, 3 colour riso on recycled paper stock. Design inspired by the fusion of digital spaces and nature, from open source type foundary GlyphWorld. Co-edited & curated with Rihana Osman.

Good Night Out: A workshop on safety and accessibilty for D/deaf and disabled people in our nightlife (facilated by Kai Stone
Chloe French: Exploring revolutionary spaces in Leeds featuring Tongue N Teeth & Party Moms Society
Eden Alison: Living Inside the Outside Margin
Chalane Bauzo: One Step Forwards, Two Steps Back
Misha Faulty: Screaming For Earplugs
Samatha Schaeffer: Safety Vs Security in Clubs

The OS Community
Partisan Collective
+ more!

ISSUE #3: Real Talk (2019) 

‘Real Talk’ was an outreach for longer-more opinion based essays from our readers & fan-base. Whilst curating this issue, we spoke to not only producers & DJs but also people who play other very crucial parts in the club & dance music scene such as promoters and punters.

 I personally funded this issue without any additional funding so I had the challenge of working with a limited budget. I sourced a digital printer and used a off-white background on 120gsm uncoated paper emulate a higher quality natural paper stock.
A Meme Is Worth 1000 Words by Samantha Schaefer
Cut The Crap by Pheobe Gardener
How I Maintain My Box by Eden Alison
Music production guide with Ciel, Octo Octa & Ikonika
Sydd’s Mixing Tips

Sita Abellan
Esme (Earwax)
Slut Drop Leeds
Frankie (Foundation FM)

ISSUE #2:Do It Yourself (2018)

Do It Yourself was a celebration of the DIY culture & community within dance music. Filled with a mix of guides and educational resources on how to get involved in the scene and create your own community. From beginners tips on buying and using CDJs, a UK DJ workshop directory + lots of inspiring interviews from pro’s in the industry. This issue was featured in It’s Nice That, Mixmag, I-D, Red Bull and Elle.

Designed, hand printed & binded by me. I took inspiration from 90’s rave flyers & cyber-punk aesthetics. I used a recyled off-set 100gsm paper stock, printed on a risograph with a limted run of 100 copies.  
Beginnners CDJ Tips
Interview: Kidä
DJ Workshop Directory
Interview: Meat Free MCR
A DIY clubnight guide
Interview: Frankie & Umfang (Discwoman)
Interview: Sarra Wild
Miley Serious 
Artwork by Glasgow artist Miu Hatano 

ISSUE #1: The OG (2017)

I started Pink Noise Zine in 2017 when I first moved to London and started getting interested in electronic music and clubbing. I noticed how male-dominated the scene was and the lack of accessibilty to those on the outside. I reached out to a number of artists I admired inviting them to have a discussion about how the scene could be more accessible. The OG is a collection of those coversations.

Designed, hand printed & binded by me. I took insiration from Ascii type and free open-source Sci-Fi typefaces. I used a Kaskad Salmon 80gsm paper stock, printed on a risograph with a limted run of 50 copies.
Umfang (Discwoman)
Call Super
Mali / Z-Lovecraft (Rhythm Section)
Minimal Violence
Girls In Sound (MINA)
Yanna Richards


AMIGAS Live collective was founded by Laura Davidson, a promoter and live event booker with nearly 20 years experience working in the music industry. Based between London and Barcelona, it is our mission to create the next generation of festival headliners and reinvigorate the live industry. The collective is an inclusive, female-run business that aims to unite and collaborate with women from across the music and events industries. They strongly believe that sustainability, inclusivity and innovation should be considered in everything that they do.

My client requested a brand refresh which featured the use of gradients, as well as a flexible seasonal colour palette which can be used across the year. I created a brand refresh with these requirements with event listing & flyer templates for their social media.
  • Freelance 
  • Branding & Social Assets
  • (2023)

I was tasked to develop their brand which was contained only to their logo. The client requested a flexible colour palette which would change with the seasons to keep it fresh. They also wanted to incorporate a spanish influence so we decided to make the inverted exclamation marks a key part of the brand. To keep it simple, we stuck with the original typeface they had been using (Poppins) and I had created treatements (stretched type & a glow) to create a display version that was more exciting. I also created a dancing logo which could be used across reels & videos.



Word Of Mouth is an online travel guide providing guides, tools and tips for your travels that are recommended from your friends.

I worked with the founder Hamish Johnston to create a brand identity which could be use to launch the platform. Hamish wanted the brand to be simple, accessible and intergrate well with photography. To bring this vision to life, I conceptualized a versatile logo, centered around a pinpoint motif inspired by digital maps; offering multiple versions, ensuring its adaptability across various mediums.
  • Freelance
  • Branding & Social Assets
  • (2023)

The brand guidelines I developed for Word Of Mouth included three distinct logo variations, a refined color palette, and a foundational framework for future social media assets, primed for further expansion.

I went on to create dynamic social templates for Word Of Mouth. These templates catered to a range of content, including recommendations, travel guides, and captivating photojournalism. Additionally, I crafted eye catching promotional assets to elevate Word Of Mouth’s presence across various platforms.



In the spring of 2023, I developed & designed BORN N BREAD’s social media strategy for GALA festival. Each year, BORN N BREAD put on a competition to join their stage at GALA festival. They wanted a 4 week plan in the lead up; including throwback reels, competition branding & assets, teasers, interactive social posts etc. 

The social media plan aimed to look back at the previous year’s competition and GALA Festival experience but also to get BORN N BREAD’s audience excited about the upcoming festival & creating sharable / interactive assets that encouraged new/upcoming DJ’s to enter their competition.
  • Freelance
  • Social Strategy & Asset Creation
  • (2023)

I took inspirated from lo-fi greenscreen frames, throwback collages and stretched typography. I wanted to embody South London, creativity, community and fun.   



A digital campaign proposal for Rokit Vintage embracing Gorpcore & Wellbeing trends. Gorpcore, a rising fashion movement, blurs the lines between outdoor utility wear and vintage,  a trend that perfectly resonates with Rokit Vintage’s timeless appeal.

Inspired by these trends, I crafted a campaign that not only reflects Rokit Vintage’s iconic 60’s aesthetic but also draws inspiration from the authentic visual language found on platforms like Depop, where independent sellers showcase vintage pieces in a relatable and unfiltered way.
  • Pitch
  • Campaign Design Concept
  • (2020)

My campaign was born out of a post-lockdown world, where people were eager to explore the outdoors and express their individuality through fashion. It’s about combining style with functionality, embracing the spirit of adventure, and reconnecting with nature.


During my time at Worldwide FM I mostly worked within social media & strategy but also took on a lot of the design responsibities. I assisted creative director Raj Sidhu to develop assets for socials & events, as well as designing inserts for their monthy test press club releases.
  • In-house
  • Social Strategy & Design
  • (2021-2022)

Overtime, I worked on templated assets & social stragety for regular social media posts to go out every month; including their Album Of The Week, Daily Schedule & a flexible asset which was used for special broadcasts such as World Poetry Day & World Refugee Day.

World Poetry Day
World Refugee Week
Independent Venue Week
We Out Here 2022
WWFM x Nura Sound